Machinery relocation

Opakodrew company is proud to offer professional services based on the machinery or machine park and production line relocation on new places. Machinery relocation with our company is a great pleasure and the lack of troubles! We have great experts in our team, who perfectly know, how to reduce the costs connected with machinery relocation. The process of relocation includes the choice of the optimum moment of relocation – thanks to it, Your company will save on relocation investment!

We guarantee, that our experts will perform all necessary services based on machinery and production line relocation for Your company.

Why to choose us?

  1. We will reduce costs
  2. Our company possesses appropriate equipment
  3. We perform relocation as a complex process
  4. Our experienced team will choose the most suitable moment for the transfer of Your machinery or the whole production lines
  5. Our company has more than twenty years of experience


Since many years we successfully offer our professional services related to machinery, machinery parks, different types of production lines relocation, as well as complex relocation of the whole production entity.

What makes us effective in what we do? Tens of completed project, machinery parks reorganizations for our customers, kilometres of production lines relocated from point A to B.

Machinery relocation – what do You have to know?

  • we organize oversized transport
  • we take care of the machinery placement, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic connection, machinery, production lines
  • we do it complex – You do not have to worry about anything, as on the basis of individual arrangements with Your company, we perform all tasks, even those not mentioned in above description, as well as other actions which are required for the project.

If You need:

  • machinery transfer
  • production line relocation
  • loading or unloading of cargo
  • appropriate protection of machinery for transportation purposes
  • organization of the whole process of transportation

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